The Truth About Human Growth Hormone

Many opinions have been shaped by the media with all kinds of selfish interests hidden between the lines. Here is a rather broad yet detailed look into the truth about the human growth hormone.

What is “human growth hormone”?

Well, the term is relatively self-explanatory, the Human Growth Hormone is a chemical signal produced by your body to regulate the growth of tissues among other varied function. When you cherished this article as well as you desire to be given more info about premade steroid cycles i implore you to pay a visit to our web-page.
The HGH is produced naturally by the anterior part of the pituitary gland.

For those who don’t know, the pituitary gland is a bean-sized gland located in the brain just above the roof of your nose, this gland has been nick-named the conductor of the endocrine system in the body, this means that the pituitary gland orchestrates and manages the hormonal system by secreting control hormones that either exert their effects directly or indirectly through stimulation of other glands to secrete effector hormones.

What is the relevance of this hormone?

Some would ask, why all these hypes about this particular hormone? To fully comprehend why there is such a huge fuss about this hormone, you need to understand how the hormone works and what it does. All the application stem from its mechanism of action.

Mechanism of action of the Human Growth hormone

So, the human growth hormone oversees the growth and development of the human body, simple, right? Wrong!

See, that right there is the first mistake people make when they are approaching the topic of the human growth hormone. People tend to derive the functions of the hormone on surface value. The truth is there is more than what meets the eye.

For instance, the human growth hormone after being secreted by the pituitary gland, it enters the bloodstream and is therefore pumped to the whole body. In blood, the HGH can either bind to its own receptors (the HGH receptors) or the Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 receptor. Among the two pathways mentioned above, the IGF-1 receptor pathway is the most important with its effects in a different system ranging from glucose and lipid metabolism, control of weight gain and loss, control of cellular proliferation and tissue growth, control of insulin resistance and vascular diseases among others. It is the actions of these hormones that have been exploited by modern science to benefit humanity.

Does everyone have growth hormone?

Yes, every healthy person produces this hormone. The levels, however, varies from person to person depending on personal factors such as exercise, age, sex, physical fitness and muscle bulk. This should always be taken into account before diagnosing someone having growth hormone deficiency or excess of it.

Uses of the Human Growth Hormone

Scientists have studied the human growth hormone extensively since the mid-twentieth centuries with a breakthrough in generating recombinant human growth hormone happening in the 1990s. This implies that scientists are now able to create this hormone in a laboratory. As a result, much useful application of this hormone have been isolated and established. These uses of these hormones can be broadly classified into three;

HGH application in medicine

HGH application on sports enhancement

HGH application in anti-aging medicine
HGH application on medicine

The human growth hormone has been used to manage several kinds of illnesses. Starting from the congenital lack of the hormone itself; a condition commonly referred to as the Growth Hormone Disorder.

Children born with such condition are unable to attain normal adult height like the rest of the population. A common case example is one of the Barcelona football star, Lionel Messi. When he was young he was diagnosed with GHD; this diagnosis meant that he was unable to “normal” height. He was started on recombinant growth hormone courtesy of the Barcelona football management who paid for his treatment. According to his attending physician, the treatment gave him a boost of about seventeen inches! From his current height of 5 5″, it means that without the treatment, Messi would have been only 4 feet tall!

Other conditions such as Osteoporosis, Noonan syndrome, Turner’s syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome among many other indications have also shown responses to HGH use. Different conditions have different responses to HGH treatment, with growth hormone deficiency displaying the best outcome.

HGH use in sports

The use of the human growth hormone has harbored a lot of controversies with the laws of many sports regulating bodies, with WADA being one of the watchdogs out to get HGH users. Whether the use of human growth hormone is acceptable or not is subject to debate and controversies.

What we are really interested in is whether HGH really works or not.

The use of HGH has been proven to increase the body’s lean body mass, enhance reduction of the excess body fat, improve muscle bulk and strength, hasten muscle healing and better bone healing. Doesn’t the benefits just describe all the attributes of a good sportsman?

In a study led by Dr. Ken Ho of St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, it was established that the use of HGH has an overall increase in the sprint time of athletes. In this study ninety six trainees were recruited and started on medication. Part of the trainees received placebos while the other received HGH injections for eight weeks

“We found the enhancement in sprint capacity would correlate to a 0.4-second improvement over 10 seconds in a 100-meter dash.”

This study by Dr. Ho is the first study ever to establish the connection between the use of HGH and enhanced athleticism. No wonder the WADA are all over players using HGH.

HGH use in anti-aging medicine

Since the dawn of time, man has always strived to cheat death in all ways possible. This unquenchable thirst to overcome the scourge of death has seen humans go to lengths to try and stop death. Attempts in the past have proven to be extremely futile. This, however, is about to change with the dawn of drugs such as recombinant human growth hormone. The recombinant growth hormone is the new fountain of youth in town.

It’s use as an antiageing drug has caught the attention of many including the co-founder of pay-pal and the former owner of Facebook Mr. Peter Thiel, who is currently funding some of the research into the cure of cancer and anti-aging medication. In an interview, Mr. Thiel expressed his wish to live until he is one hundred and twenty years showing how serious he is in maintaining the hormone helps maintain his muscles and keep his bones stronger as prophylaxis against illnesses such as arthritis.

“HGH helps maintain muscle mass, so it’s less likely to get bone injuries and arthritis and stuff like that, as you get older HYPERLINK website HYPERLINK website

Another big celebrity that takes HGH to maintain her youthful look is Suzanne Sommers. She has been taking the anti-aging medicine to replace what was lost naturally in the aging process. Suzanne, who looks nothing like her age admits to taking the antiageing medicine for her looks.

In her social media, this is what she once had to say about the use of HGH

“I take just what has been lost in the aging process to keep my system running optimally and protect against the diseases of aging.”

What the recombinant human growth hormone does is to supplement the reducing levels of human growth hormone produced by the body. The levels of human growth hormone reduce yearly after the end of the second decade of life. The reversal of this process by the use of the recombinant HGH restores the cells and tissues to that similar to one of a twenty-year-old.

Is HGH entirely safe?

Most of the raised concerned about the safety of HGH have never been validated. Most of the fears stem from sheer ignorance and speculations. The kind of side effects experienced by HGH users are not far from those experienced by users of any other drugs.

Examples include; muscle aches and joint pains, edema, carpal tunnel syndrome, itching and numbing sensation in the hands and feet. These are pretty common side effects similar to that of many drugs taken regularly.


The recombinant human growth hormone is a golden goose from which multiple benefits can be drawn. Understanding the hormone is key in maintaining a level head and a sober when discussing matters patterning to this hormone. It’s clear that the hormone offers more solutions than problems and the use of the growth hormone should be an issue to be embraced.

The paradigm shift of medicine from the ordinary pharmaceutics to the use of biological products in the management of illnesses clearly indicates that the future is in molecular medicine. The sooner we embrace it in totality, the better the treatment outcomes will be.

About the author: Patrick Del Rosario is a health blogger from HGH Vallarta. HGH Vallarta is a medical clinic specializing in Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and testosterone therapy.

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